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Lifeline Shoebox was started by Wanda S. Reid in 2008 in an effort to provide a solution to the local nursing homes and assisted living facilities​ in Forsyth County, NC. For over 40 years the residents have received only $30 per month which is not enough for most people to be able to purchase their own personal needs items. So to help Lifeline Shoebox was created to provide a gift of 15 items to help make the residents' lives easier.


How It Works

1. COLLECT: We collect personal care items from people, businesses, schools, churches and organizations

2. ORGANIZE: We check, organize and inventory the items

3. PACK: We wrap and pack the boxes with the personal care items

4. DELIVER: We hand deliver the gifts to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities

We believe you judge a society by how we treat 

all citizens irrespective of class, age or disability.

Our Mission

Deliver love and personal care items to nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Increase the quality of life for the elderly, disabled and people in need living in North Carolina

We Need Your Support Today!

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